5 Things Every Aged Care Website Needs to Boost Occupancy

The My Aged Care portal is promoted as the starting point to access Australian Government funded services.

Clicking on the 6 top ranked websites for a given postcode through the portal there was:

1) A website with its account suspended

2) A website under construction

3) A homepage that’s advertising community services

4) A homepage where the call to action is requesting volunteers

5) The organisation’s head office page (making the user continue their search), and

6) One good one!

So what makes a good website for an aged and community care organisation?

Today we’re joined by Greg Beasley, Director of Pounce Digital.

We cover the 5 things every aged care website should have.

We also go beyond achieving the bare minimum, and talk about the type of content you should aim to include based on the customer value journey:

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