How to Promote Residents’ Emotional, Spiritual, and Psychological Well-Being

Holy Family Services is an aged care organisation that isn’t just excelling in the area of spiritual and pastoral care. They’re helping other organisations too.

The new accreditation standards are different. They focus on care and quality of life from the person’s perspective. This is rather than inputs such as medication management, etc.

So how can you be equipped to meet the new standard related to promoting consumers’ emotional, spiritual, and psychological well-being? And, more importantly,  do it in a way that actually improves quality of life for consumers AND staff?

Carmen Karauda from Holy Family Services joins us for this episode.

In this episode we cover:

– The misconception of religion vs. spirituality and pastoral care
– The need for spirituality and pastoral care from an accreditation perspective
– How this need is about more than accreditation and is fundamental to overall health
– What other outcomes you can observe when focusing on this area of care, and
– Recommendations to executive managers

We also hear about how they’re an RTO, and they’re offering the Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral or Spiritual Care (find out more here)

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6 Replies to “How to Promote Residents’ Emotional, Spiritual, and Psychological Well-Being”

  1. Thoroughly engaging – full of insights into pastoral / spiritual care in the aged care setting. Thank you for this podcast. As a past student of Carmen’s earlier this year… in Holy Family’s Certificate introductory course i can not recommend their training organisation enough. I have been and Early Childhood Educator, looking at a career transition into this field and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey with Holy Family Services – exploring this topic and as Carmen astutely notes in this interview; taking the time to explore my own journey of ‘spiritual reflection’.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Charlene, thank you for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed this episode, as well as the course that you completed with Holy Family Services

  2. This podcast was very informative bringing the latest update concerning the new standards around caring for the aged in residential care. I particularly liked Carmen’s reference to the aged care standards 4.2 and 4.3 which gives the listener further information to research and clarify any questions they have in their mind on the changes. The changes add to the concept of pastoral care by adding the words spiritual care, helping people find meaning through their Relationships with others; through the Arts like music and literature; through Religion; and the Environment, gardening and enjoying the garden. Carmen explained this very well. I noted Carmen’s attempt to explain for Michael the difference between pastoral care and spiritual care. Carmen explained it as people’s concept of the word Pastoral and most commonly seen as having a religious meaning. With the new standards and the focus on person centered care the concept of pastoral care has been broadened to add spiritual care within the standards expected to be met in residential aged care facilities. My friends listening to the podcast have told me that this is what they find hardest to separate, the meaning of pastoral care v spiritual care. It will take a generation before the word spiritual care becomes a concept that is fully understood by the general public. Mostly pastoral care has been provided by the churches in Australia so it will be next generation who will embrace the understanding of this terminology. From a student’s perspective I fully understood where Carmen was coming from when she described the difference between Pastoral Care and Spiritual Care but my friends had difficulty. Perhaps they could take up Carmen’s suggestion and explore their own spirituality or what makes their lives meaningful and they might come up with some revelations that lead them to new horizons. Thank you Michael for your podcast on this subject and thank you Carmen, you were very clear in your diction and you gave very interesting and enlightening answers to Michael’s questions.

    1. Hi Christina, thank you for your comments. Yes I agree, I think Carmen did a wonderful job at separating these topics… and hopefully helping to provide a greater understanding

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