How to Prepare for Accreditation (While Improving Care and Performance)

Aged care accreditation. A waste of time? Or something that improves performance?

Well… it depends.

Daniel Mitroussidis was formerly employed full-time by ‘The Agency’ as an accreditation assessor. Following this he continued to be contracted by the agency. Now, he helps organisations prepare to excel at accreditation… but in a way that improves overall performance.

Join us as we cover:
– How systems to capture evidence can improve outcomes
– The top ways to demonstrate evidence
– How to use past accreditation reports to guide continuous improvement
– How to use past accreditation reports as evidence for future accreditation
– What organisations should be doing now
– Preparing for visits, and
– Some of the mistakes organisations make with their evidence collection

Daniel can be found at Innovation Plus, and at

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