Managing Unspent Funds in Home Care Packages

What happens if a care recipient is assessed as needing a certain amount of care… but chooses not to receive it?
The outcome isn’t great for the care recipient. It’s not good for the organisation managing their care either… because they’ve allocated resources based on the needs of these care recipients.
So how do you manage unspent funds?

Lorraine Poulos joins us in this episode as we cover:

– Why unspent funds are an issue
– The impact on both care recipients and the organisations
– How to help care recipients receive the care they need
– Co-creating care plans 
Lorraine originally trained as a Registered Nurse. She then achieved post-graduate qualifications in Health Service Management and Adult Education. Her past roles include CEO of the Aged Care Channel, and Director of Aged and Community Care for a large multi-purpose organisation. Lorraine was also a Nurse Advisor and Administrator for the Department of Health.
Now, Lorraine is a member of two not-for-profit aged care boards. Her team at Lorraine Poulos and Asscoiates (LPA) specialise in supporting providers of Disability, Health, Residential and Community Care in Australia. 


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