About the Aged Care Executive Podcast

Welcome to The Aged Care Executive Podcast, the show that’s dedicated to helping aged and community care professionals stay ahead of the industry.

Why a podcast? 

Because the residential aged and community industry can be complex!

Not only do we need to provide great healthcare outcomes to our care recipients, but to survive we need to excel at customer service, be able to attract and retain great staff, get the right levels of funding, keep costs down, and all while deal with a lot of regulatory compliance. 

To make things even more interesting, the sector is rapidly changing.

So join us for a weekly show where we’ll be interviewing leaders in their field on topics such as: 

* Healthcare management
* Innovation
* Staff attraction and retention
* Attracting customers
* Clinical practice, and 
* Contemporary issues in the areas of accreditation, funding, and industry change.

If you’re an residential aged or community care professional, this podcast will help you keep ahead of the industry. 

If you’re new to industry, our goal is to make this the best orientation to the issues facing the sector you can find.

Listen to our latest episode right here:

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