Why Aged Care Staff Really Leave (Hint – It’s Not About Pay)

A number that’s commonly known within the aged care sector is the 60% turnover of staff. But the question is, what about the other 40%? Why are they staying?

Today we’re joined by Dr Katrina Radford, Deptuty Director of Research at Griffith Business School and the Centre for Work Organisation and Wellbeing (WOW)

We talk about her research into why staff stay and leave:

– How it was done
– Main findings
– Reasons people stay, and
– The surprises… what wasn’t much of a factor


What’s great about this interview is that it’s easy to make the link between research and practice. When you listen to the research on employees intentions to stay and leave, you can make the link between the findings and how you can rethink staffing models, reward & recognition, and dealing with grief.

Ultimately, it’s about caring for the staff who provide direct care to our car recipients.

Dr Radford can be found at the Griffith University Experts Page or at Orchard Talent Group

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